• Shakespeare at the Castle: Hamlet

  • 15 Iulie 21:00 - 16 Iulie 00:00
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  • Sunday 15 July, 7pm
    Grounds open for picnics from 6pm
    Shakespeare at the Castle: Hamlet
    £14 per adult, £6 per child or special family ticket (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult 3 children) £35
    Five actors, with all manner of musical instruments, present an inventive take on Shakespeare’s most infamous and iconic play, Hamlet.

    The Three Inch Fools are a five-strong troupe of actors with all manner of musical instruments, travelling with set, props and costumes across the UK, performing a highly imaginative and vibrantly musical take on Shakespeare's plays. The Fools perform Shakespeare in almost any kind of setting - to date, they have performed at castles, cathedrals, historic houses, gardens, churches, market places, village greens, an old fire station, a medieval crypt, a crowded pub and a garlic farm – all the world's a stage! You can’t miss this motley troupe at Lauriston Castle this summer. Numbers 400

    We have a special deal on above if you book both Shakespeare evenings: £24 for adult ticket, £8 per child, £50 family ticket.