• Unwind, unravel and open. Hips and Backbends with Alis

  • 14 Octombrie 04:00 - 18:00
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  • Unwind and unravel the emotion of the hips and open into your heart. We store a lot of old emotion in our hips and we can hold pain and suffering in the heart. This workshop will focus on creating space and freedom in our hips. We will gently open the heart using lots of juicy postures creating lightness and space. We will create heat in the body to slowly let go of stored emotion in the hips and release hardness in the heart to prepare the body for postures that work the hips and open the heart further, leaving you feeling free and light.

    All levels welcome

    Session is 2 hours

    £25 / £20 for Sunshine Yoga Members (applied automatically if you are a member)

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    Looking forward to seeing you there.