• New Moon Womans Circle

  • 14 Iulie 14:30 - 16:30
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  • Gather as a collective of conscious women to honour the moon cycle + seasons of our life.

    This month, Sunshine Yoga will hold a feminine gathering to celebrate the New Moon. Traditionally, the new moon is a sacred time for pausing, clearing out, drawing inwards, listening inside, setting focused intentions and committing to our longings and dreams for the next month ahead. This moment marks the beginning of a new cycle and it is time to plant seeds as during this time the moon phase is "empty" — full of potential. This is an optimum time to take ownership for what we want to manifest and to commit to the actions, thoughts and behaviours necessary to get us there. They're a time to give and receive — to form community.
    When we connect to the moon cycles, we honour the ever changing landscape of our lives & learn to embrace our feminine gift of intuition & flow.

    During this gathering we will sit in circle, and hold space for one another to simply be as we are, with whatever is going on in our lives; with whatever our intentions and visions are moving forward. There will be meditation, journaling, sharing & setting intentions. Witnessing each other in this way magnifies the power of our intentions and creates an energetic web of support. We individually play a role in each others healing process and growth and can draw strength from the energy that rests within a community of women.

    After all, women have a magnificent ability to heal one another simply by paying witness; by listening to each other with an open, accepting heart. It’s nothing less than magic.

    This will be an inclusive coming together with women from all paths.