• Thai Massage for Happy Bellies with Sarah Urquhart-Taylor

  • 30 Septembrie 12:00 - 18:00
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  • Book online here: http://bit.ly/2GTnUII

    This workshop will include Abdominal Massage and Acupressure sequences specifically chosen to help address common conditions of the Digestive and Reproductive Systems. The overall aim of the day is to help bring everything back into balance and leave your belly smiling!

    We will start the day with a Thai Yoga (“Rasidaton”) practice, which will help prepare your body to both give and receive the massage you will practice throughout the day. We will then practice Abdominal massage and Acupressure together, exploring techniques that may help with common conditions such as IBS, Constipation and Menstrual Cramps. Each participant will also receive a take home guide to self-massage so you can keep up the good work!

    Open to all, no previous experience of massage necessary. Please note that this workshop is not suitable for pregnant ladies, or those actively trying to conceive.