• Fundamentals of Yoga Outreach

  • 28 Iulie 12:00 - 19:00
  • COURSE PRICE: 150 pounds. We offer two discounted spaces per course for people who may not be in a position to pay full price. Please contact us for details.

    We are excited to announce the new dates for our 2 day interactive workshop. Run by Laura and Lorraine of Edinburgh Community Yoga the weekend will offer yoga teachers and facilitators a deeper understanding of the principles of teaching yoga to underserved communities/groups.

    During the two days we will share practice together, learn from each other and have plenty of time for group discussion.
    This workshop is open to yoga teachers interested in this work and also to people who have not completed a yoga teacher training but who are keen to further their learning or are looking to facilitate a yoga group as a part of their work.

    Day 1
    We will begin with a gentle yoga practice before moving on to focus on what we mean by yoga outreach, the ethics of teaching yoga outreach and the benefits and challenges of this work. We will also cover the practicalities of teaching outreach, giving consideration to teaching cues and some of the needs of the clients we work with and what we have found to be helpful.

    Day 2
    After practicing together we will delve into the neuroscience and physiology of the stress response, what happens to the body when under stress and why this is important for yoga teachers working in outreach. We will link this to yoga philosophy and the wider traditional teachings of yoga. We will learn the reasons why yoga practices can help. We will have lots of time to experiences the practices for ourselves and consider how they impact on us and our students.

    Please note this workshop will not be focused on teaching specific asana or on training yoga teachers in a particular style of yoga.
    Our wish is that you can apply the principles you learn to your individual teaching style and have the confidence to reach out to groups of people who might not turn up to a general yoga class.

    Some previous participants review’s.
    “Interesting and inspiring training delivered by two practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience of outreach work. They are both clearly passionate about the work that they do and about helping others to take the benefits of yoga into areas of the community where it is less accessible. Highly recommended.”

    “If you’re interested in taking Yoga where it is most needed this course is a must! Laura and Lorraine bring to the table a wealth of invaluable practical experience of working with different vulnerable populations. The material is underpinned by rigorous neuroscience and presented in an accessible format in a relaxed and supportive environment.”

    “The course managed to somehow combine basic essentials of community development, pedagogy, neuroscience, philosophy, and anatomy in just two days. It was a small group of committed students with a great teacher/ student ratio and scope for further depth and practice for those that wanted it. The case studies and lesson planning were particularly useful for building up our awareness of complex needs and barriers to accessing yoga, as well as confidence in how to ‘meet people on the mat’. It was the perfect antidote to some of the more image-conscious yoga trends and helped us reconnect with core principles and values. Thank you Lorraine and Laura.”