• Meditation for Wellbeing

  • 20 Septembrie 20:30 - 21:45
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  • Join us for the beautiful Meditation on Twin Hearts, a simple yet powerful guided meditation for Peace & Illumination, and take advantage of its many benefits:

    - eliminate stress
    - promote physical & mental health
    - increase clarity, creativity & sharpness of mind
    - attain happiness, inner peace & a sense of fulfilment

    During the evening you will learn advanced meditation techniques and perform a series of simple, non-strenuous energy generating exercises.
    The meditation is performed sitting on chairs and you are not required to bring anything, just yourself.

    When: every Thursday, 6.30pm - 7.45pm.

    Where: find us in the School.

    Fee: donation (suggested minimum £5) - all proceeds after room hire go to the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK (Reg 1148680) supporting UK Charities.

    Beginners welcome.

    Our group can be joined at any point during its course and you can come as often as you like/can.

    For enquiries and to book your spot email ilariamarsigli@me.com or text/call Ilaria on 07915 191081.