• Building a Comfortable Lotus Seat with Emma Isokivi

  • 18 August 11:00 - 13:00
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  • Booking link here: http://bit.ly/2yr4VCQ

    Has a yoga teacher ever said to you- “find a comfortable cross legged seated position” and you have no idea how cross-legged could be comfortable or you’re intrigued on how to unlock the full lotus for your regular yoga practice.

    Join Emma for this fun, 2 hour hip exploring workshop where will learn how to unlock the body for you to start the journey towards half and full padmasana. Designed for all levels- this course is perfect addition to a regular practice- to bolster getting into those tricky asana (Marichyasana B & D), or those newer to yoga that are seeking more flexibility in this area.

    The 2-hours will feature some simple anatomical explanations and also leave you with tools of how to continue the work beyond the workshop.

    The workshop will feature a large element of movement- both dynamic and restorative, so wear clothes that you are comfortable to move in. If you have any questions about the sessions, or whether you can take part- email Emma (emma@meadowlarkyoga.com)

    This 2 hour workshop is £25
    Concession rates apply
    Students, NHS, OAP - £22.50
    EUYS & yoga teachers - £21.25
    Please ensure your concession membership for 2017/18 has been registered with Meadowlark before purchase