• Introductory One Day Beekeeping Course

  • 22 Iulie 12:30 - 14:30
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  • Join our beekeeper Brian for a one day Introductory Beekeeping course at the Secret Herb Garden.

    This one of 8 'one day sessions' that Brian will be running over the summer of 2018

    Your day will consist of:

    A short talk and slide show covering the activity and life cycle of honey bees
    • Components of the beehive and different types of hives
    • Choosing a suitable site for your hives/apiary
    • Important plants for foraging bees throughout the year
    • Spring and summer management- including swarm control and colony increase
    • Visit to site apiary: a chance to meet the bees (spring & summer courses only)
    • Removal of honey crop, visit to honey extraction room with explanation of processes involved in extraction of honey.
    • Preparation for winter season

    Price £105 per person. Max 12 people per session.

    To book please email Brian@scottish-honey.com, phone him on 07443 573351
    Payment must be made on confirmation of booking with Brian.