• Vilde Frang Plays Beethoven Violin Concerto

  • 27 Septembrie 21:30 - 23:30
    Găzduit de:
  • NIELSEN Helios Overture (12’)
    SIBELIUS Symphony No 3 in C, Op 52 (31’)
    BEETHOVEN Violin Concerto in D (42’)

    ENRIQUE MAZZOLA - Conductor
    VILDE FRANG – Violin

    What a way to open a Season! A melting pot of musical, artistic and creative wealth delivered by Enrique Mazzola – an Italian full of passion and life, and a happy, sunny character.
    Sibelius’ Third Symphony oozes with desperate intensity while Nielsen’s Helios is a vivid musical evocation of sunshine shimmering and glittering on the sea.
    The warmth continues with one of Norway’s brightest stars Vilde Frang, who joins for Beethoven’s noble Violin Concerto.