• Edwin G. Lucas: An Individual Eye

  • 14 Noiembrie 12:30 - 14:30
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    Part of our Historical lecture series, also includes cake and coffee and a tour of the Castle.

    Wednesday 14 November, 10.30am
    Edwin G. Lucas: An Individual Eye
    Edwin G. Lucas (1911-1990) was one of the most unique Scottish painters of the 20th century. A self-taught artist, who channelled the influence of Surrealism, he cultivated an original and highly imaginative style of painting during the 1940s and 50s that set him apart from his contemporaries. Today, however, his work is virtually unknown. Timed to coincide with a major new exhibition at the City Art Centre, this lecture traces the story of Lucas’ life and career, exploring his experimental paintings and re-establishing his reputation. Dr Helen Scott is Curator of Fine Art at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh.

    Edwin G. Lucas, Caley Station, Edinburgh, 1942. City Art Centre, Museums & Galleries Edinburgh. © the artist's estate. (Photo: City Art Centre)