• Anatomy of Adjustments: Anatomical Spirals in Yoga-CPD Workshop

  • 2 Martie 15:00 - 18:00
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  • Book online here: http://bit.ly/2BGKGyZ

    In this specialist 3 hour workshop, participants will get an overview of the Helical Matrix.

    Our bodies are dynamic tensegrity structures that operate in functional spirals seated in anatomical structures.

    The workshop will start with a guided 'tour of the Helical Matrix'
    ○An exploration of Closed Kinematic Chains
    ○Continue into a led asana progression
    ○Finishing with a set of basic adjustments to the foundational postures
    ○Karen will give an overview of the limbs and trunk and how to work with these natural spirals in practice.

    Participants will work in pairs and small groups to practice adjustments based on rotations that maximise healthy movement along the grain of spiral patterns in human anatomy.

    This workshop is £25
    (no concessions apply)

    You will be awarded with a 3hr CPD YAP / YAUSA certificate upon completion.

    Please bring a mat if you have one. Hire for your first time is free, £2 thereafter.