• Calling All Crafters

  • 9 Iunie 15:00 - 17 Iunie 18:00
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  • Calling all knitters & crochet fans who are up for an exciting, fun challenge! Now with the blessing of the Leith Festival Committee we knitters have the opportunity to make Great Junction Street
    (and beyond?!) even Greater for the Leith Festival!

    My knitting for the Caps for the Great Junction Street bollards is going well with 126 out of 146 completed and I am happy to finish myself BUT…. just think what we could do to make the bollards and other street furniture - sign posts, lamp posts, trees, railings, seats, bike racks …..even more exciting!

    There are other poles and bollards in Leith and yarn bombers often decorate them in various ways some ideas from Pinterest are alongside the Caps photo.

    Children who cannot knit or crochet could join in making pom-poms for trees or railings etc.

    Share your ideas with us and get knitting & crocheting and pom-pom making! Let us bring a smile to all in Leith this June!
    Happy Crafting from Moira Russell (of last year’s Great Junction Street Caps on bollards ‘fame’!)