• I am Enough; Soulful Saturday

  • 4 August 14:30 - 16:30
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  • This is an investment into your own health, self-care, and personal happiness.

    It's time we stopped being hesitant, guilty, and disillusioned about practicing self-care. It’s time we start being proactive, confident and encouraged about practicing simple techniques to be our best self. This is self preservation. You can't pour out of an empty cup. Empty fills no one's cup and always leaves you dry.

    So what does it mean to feel that you are enough? Does this have anything to do with appearance, age, money, achievements, or race? Or is it simply a personal measure of self-esteem and confidence? In my perspective, feeling that you are ‘enough' is to feel that you are full of love: love to give and love to receive. In this session, we will be using breathing techniques, affirmations, meditation and journaling to work on our mindset, our perspective and our thought patterns as well as self-care. We will come back to ourselves and simply accept ourselves the way we are so that we can show up every day and be fully present for ourselves and others.

    Please feel free to bring your favorite notebook and/or pens, though paper and pens will be provided.

    Session is 2 hours

    £15 / £12 for Sunshine Yoga Members (applied automatically if you are a member)

    Bookings can be made through the website:


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    For any questions, please email:


    Looking forward to seeing you there.

    Stephanie x