• Cultivating a Meditation & Pranayama Practice with Nadine Watton

  • 18 August 16:00 - 18:00
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    Do you want to deepen your understanding of pranayama and meditation? This workshop explores 2 of the 8 limbs of Yoga as written in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Pranayama is a practice of various breathing techniques to help us channel our vital energy. Different pranayama techniques can have a profound effect on the body and, most importantly on the mind - in the way that poses (asana) mainly nourish the body, pranayama nourishes the mind.
    Developing a personal meditation practice can often feel like a daunting prospect so Nadine has some tools and ideas to help you develop your meditation practice. Meditation is the key to boosting our personal well being and happiness so cultivating a regular mediation practice can have a profound effect on our lives.

    Who is this workshop suitable for?

    Some experience of yoga is recommended - even just a few months of practice. For some of us, sitting can be quite challenging so props are provided including chairs.

    What to expect...

    Our workshop will begin with some very simple kneeling sequences to prepare the body to sit. We will then have a short presentation on the basics of pranayama and explore the structure of the breath before putting the techniques into action. Nadine is so fascinated with the way the breath can have such a deeply profound effect on the state of mind and emotional well being and is just thrilled to be sharing this practice with you.

    For our mediation section we will look at and practice several techniques, including Vipassana style, guided meditation and the use of mantra (Japam mantra which can be recited internally, whispered or said aloud).

    Nadine is striving for you to leave feeling inspired and confident to head home and start developing your pranayama and meditation practice.

    Handouts are provided but you are welcome to take notes.

    This 2.5 hour workshop is £25

    Concession rates apply
    Students, NHS, OAP - £22.50
    EUYS & yoga teachers - £21.25
    Please ensure your concession membership for 2016/17 has been registered with Meadowlark before purchase.