• The Life and Times of HMS Unicorn

  • 16 Octombrie 12:30 - 15:30
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  • Tuesday 16 October, 10.30am
    The Life and Times of HMS Unicorn
    HMS Unicorn is a rare survivor. One of the oldest ships in the world still afloat and the oldest ship in Scotland, she was built in 1822 and has been in Dundee since 1873. Although she never saw active service she was used as a training ship throughout WWI and WWII. A truly remarkable relic from the Age of Sail her construction and history is unique. Dr Billy Rough is HMS Unicorn's Learning and Engagement Officer. He is also the University of St Andrews School of Art History's Evening Degree Co-ordinator.

    Part of our lecture series, also includes coffee, cakes and a special tour of the Castle.