• The 11th and 12th Dukes of Hamilton and Hamilton Palace

  • 19 September 12:30 - 15:30
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  • Part of our lecture series, also includes coffee and cakes and a tour of the Castle.

    Wednesday 19 September, 10.30am
    The 11th and 12th Dukes of Hamilton and Hamilton Palace: Completion and Desertion
    This richly illustrated talk begins by exploring the important acquisitions of the 11th Duke of Hamilton and his wife, Princess Marie of Baden, the daughter of the adopted daughter of the Emperor Napoleon and the cousin of Napoleon III, and their completion of Scotland’s greatest powerhouse and treasure house. It moves on to examine the interests of their profligate son, the 12th Duke, who preferred to live at Easton Park in Suffolk – a house inherited by his grandfather in 1830. The 12th Duke’s enormous debts spelled the end of Hamilton Palace, but many of the remarkable items he collected still survive at Brodick Castle – the Hamiltons’ former retreat on the Isle of Arran. Dr Godfrey Evans is the Principal Curator of European Decorative Arts at National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh, and a Director of the Virtual Hamilton Palace Trust.