• Pierre-Laurent Aimard & Tamara Stefanovich

  • 24 August 13:00 - 15:00
  • Former Messiaen protégé and International Festival artist-in-residence Pierre-Laurent Aimard is joined by Tamara Stefanovich to perform the French composer’s Visions de l’Amen and Brahms’s Sonata for Two Pianos.

    Pierre-Laurent Aimard | Piano
    Tamara Stefanovich | Piano

    Brahms | Sonata for Two Pianos
    Messiaen | Visions de l’Amen

    Angels, saints, songbirds; orbiting planets, stars, pealing bells. Messiaen’s kaleidoscopic Visions de l’Amen for two pianos is an epic exploration of faith, a celebration of creation, and a tribute to the wonders of human love.

    Crackling with explosive energy and rhapsodic passions, it is mystical, spiritual and blatantly sensual – and full of unforgettable, emotion-swelling melody. And it pushes its players right to their limits, both physical and emotional.

    International Festival artist in residence Pierre-Laurent Aimard, former Messiaen protégé and world-renowned pianist, is joined by Tamara Stefanovich for the cosmic grandeur of this ecstatic music.

    By way of complete contrast, they open the concert with the richly Romantic emotions of Brahms’s seldom heard Sonata for Two Pianos, which he later transformed into his Piano
    Quintet Op 34.