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  • cean Spice - Your Best Choice for Indian Food in Edinburgh
    Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Edinburgh
    Indians take their food very seriously. Cooking is considered an art and mothers usually begin to teach their daughters and pass down family recipes by show-and-tell, fairly young in life. Mealtimes are important occasions for family to get together.

    Most meals comprise of several dishes ranging from staples like rice and breads to meat and vegetables and rounded off with a dessert. In a lot of Indian homes, foods are made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

    For example, some families buy their favorite type of wheat, wash it, dry it in the sun and then take it in to a flourmill to have it ground into flour exactly the way they like, as opposed to buying flour from a store! This is changing in bigger cities where people have increasingly hectic lives and are happy to use ready-to-eat, pre-made ingredients.

    We invite you to enjoy our food at home by visiting our takeaway menu and ordering takeaway online.

    We can't wait to serve you.

    The Ocean Spice Team

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