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  • 2006 was the year when the Earth trembled in Scotland. In a spray of ink and glistening of needle tips Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing was born in Edinburgh. And everyone knew that the tattoo scene would never be the same again!
    The beginnings, as usual, were not easy – as the new boys on the block, Rock’n’Roll crew had to work hard to put themselves on the tattoo map of the UK. But the artistic excellence, professional attitude, friendly atmosphere, custom designs and the highest possible level of hygiene made us some new friends and a lot of customers. Customers, who couldn’t get enough of R’n’R ink!

    Through the word of mouth, media advertisements, myspace and facebook profiles people were learning about the Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing – and the more they learned the more they loved it! Not only could they get tattoos and piercings of the highest quality, but they could also cover their old crappy tattoos with brand new, shiny ones. With years of experience under their belts the R’n’R artists are ones of the best in the UK as far as cover-ups are concerned. So no need to cry over spilt ... ink. Rock’n’Roll crew can help you fall in love with your tattoos again!

    With unexpectedly high demand for ink from R’n’R , in order to ease up the traffic and let people from the west coast also enjoy tattoos of the highest quality, a Rock’n’Roll Tattoo Glasgow branch was opened on 28th November 2009. And then, to make sure that people from the north did not feel left out, in 2012 on February the 11th another branch, this time in Dundee, sprung into being.

    In 2015 we have brought two new branches down South, in Southampton and London. Now, all five studios work full throttle bringing joy to tattoo and piercing enthusiasts all over the UK.

    Our resident artists: Thomas Lapa, Jarek Slezak and Simon in Edinburgh; Alex Underwood, Gabbie Vasquez, Marek, Burt, Charlie, and apprentice Steph Owens in Glasgow; Rafael, Bart, Daryl Watson and Piotr Gie, in Dundee, Vid in Southampton and Damian Gorsky in London are some of the most creative and talented artists you will ever meet. Each of them has their own favourite style and a field of expertise. On top of that, top class award winning guest artists pop in from time to time for guest spots. With over 40000 ready designs, custom designs and an array of ink-redible artists you can be sure that the tattoo you get will be something to be proud of.

    But our crew do not stay in teh UK all the time. With no tattoo convention too big or too small the R’n’R troops pack up their ink, papers towels, liquid soaps, razors, sterilizers and, all tattoo-guns blazing, they set out to conquer the world. And as they are the Best Ever Artistic Specialists & Tattooists (or the BEASTs for short), they usually come out of the battle victorious! Some of the awards won throughout the years include the Best Tattoo of the Day, the Best of Convention, the Best International Artist, and the Best American Old School. All these were awarded to Rock’n’Roll artists at such conventions as Liverpool Tattoo Convention, Tattoo Jam (Doncaster), North Lakes Tattoo Show (Carlisle), Peterlee Tattoo Arts Festival, Tattoo Freeze (Telford) and International Brussels Tattoo Convention in Belgium.

    Tattoos are not the only awesome thing about Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing. And yes, the clue is in the name. Our professional and highly skilled pierces will make sure that those new holes you put in your body are nice and pretty! Sexy even! No matter where you want your extra hole to appear – all challenges accepted! Standard, intimate and microdermal piercings are available. And the fact that we have been cooperating with the Wildcat Collection, one of the biggest and the best piercing equipment and jewellery manufacturers, should assure you that the needles we use and the jewellery you get are of the highest possible quality.

    So, the time passes by, the Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing family grows bigger and more and more people walk around beautified by our artists. And because the crew at R’n’R are all fighters we won’t stop until we are crowned the Best of the Best. And after that ... we will keep on doing what we do best – make our customers happy by giving them amazing tattoos and coolest piercings.

    Stay strong, stay inked, stay Rock’n’Roll!


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